Our Services

Rock Bottom Ranch is focused on women coming out of incarceration, who are seeking to break free from addictive behaviors and successfully transition into community.  Potential residents must submit an application for residency and be interviewed and evaluated for our 12-month program.  Applicants must express a desire and willingness to change.  Their 100% participation is required.  Our residents will be provided room, board, clothing, and hygiene in a protected environment where they can grow, mature and be transformed by the power of God.  In addition to instruction in physical and emotional well-being, training in the Word of God is an integral part of the Rock Bottom curriculum.  Our program services are as follows:

Christian Recovery 12-Step

Through the use of biblical principles and Celebrate Recovery, our residents will learn to grow emotionally and spiritually.  They will have the opportunity to live free from addiction through the power of Christ.

Personal Development

As women find healing here at the Ranch, we believe God will reveal each women's personal gifts and talents.  Through counseling and spiritual mentoring, we will address individual Christian development.

Job Skills Preparedness

While at the Ranch,  all women will learn to create a resume, be taught how to present themselves for interviews in a professional manner,  gain skills such as time management,  the importance of responsibility, and team work.

Anger Resolution

Women at the Ranch will be taught conflict resolution and be given the tools necessary to express anger in a healthy way.  Through biblical principles, they will learn to take each thought captive; and identify old behaviors that bring destruction to their lives.  

Financial Education

At the Ranch, women will receive basic financial education; banking, budgeting, and saving for life's unexpected circumstances.

Life Skills

Women at the Ranch will learn a variety of practical life skills such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, budgeting, and healthy alternatives.

Bible Study

Bible study is an integral part of our program.  It is our hope that women will build a relationship with God and through studying His Word, be transformed through the Holy Spirit.

Post-Abortion Healing

Our post-abortion ministry  uses an eight-week interactive bible study known as Surrendering The Secret, designed to bring healing to women with abortion in their past.

Relationship Building

We believe the Christian walk is all about relationships.   While living at the Ranch, women will learn to live in a small family, community environment, respecting others and loving their neighbors.

Parenting/Marriage Classes

At the Ranch we will offer parenting/marriage classes where residents will learn how to  cope with difficult situations within the family unit.  Focus will be on teaching biblical principles for parenting and marriage.

Individual Counseling

All women at the Ranch will have individual sessions in which they will address an array of personal issues that are restricting them from living life without addiction.

Spiritual Guidance

With devotions, prayer, worship and Christian mentoring, women will develop the ability to seek spiritual solutions to all of life's situations.

Art Therapy

Art therapy involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, coloring, or sculpting to help residents express themselves artistically.

Recreational Activities

We believe physical exercise is a crucial part of living fully in Christ. We will provide our residents physical activities, stretching, walking, hiking,  gardening, crafts, and fun games.